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Warm Weather Tree Care

Serving Marin County and the Bay Area

Warm weather tree care services by Treemasters in San Rafael and the Bay Area

California didn’t earn the nickname “Golden State” for nothing. Those of us in Marin County are well aware that summertime brings with it not only a shift to warmer weather but also fire season. With the transition to higher temperatures and, often, drought conditions, trees and plants may begin to struggle. Whether you are a home or business owner, the last thing that you want is uncleared dry brush threatening fire, or a withering landscape that isn’t primed to endure the coming cold. Investing in warm weather tree care and plant services is optimal for keeping your property low fire risk, vibrant, and beautiful all year long.

Our ISA Certified Arborists employ cutting-edge industry-best methods to offer your landscape the essential support it needs. We specialize in warm-weather tree care and drought tree care and our Green Certification ensures that we only use the highest quality, ecosystem-safe machinery.

Warm Weather Tree Care Tips

Extreme heat and drought can easily damage your plants and trees, but your friends at Treemasters have some tips that will help keep your landscape happy and healthy during summer:

  • Water Thoroughly but Don’t Overwater: Most tree species native to Marin County are actually drought-resistant and require little water once established. You’ll want to water deeply to the root zone which is about 8-10 inches down, but not often. Overwatering can weaken your trees, causing them to become more susceptible to pest infestation and disease, so it’s essential to adhere to the water requirements of the species that are on your property. Overwatering can also lead to fungal problems. When the soil doesn’t have a chance to dry out, fungi are able to establish. These fungi kill roots, which hampers a tree’s ability to gather water and nutrients. This can gradually kill the entire tree.
  • Strategic Plant Placement: Knowing your property’s sun expectation – where and how much – helps to plan tree placement during landscaping. Sun, soil quality, and wind exposure all play a big part in the life and longevity of your plants and trees. Keep an eye out for “cupping” (leaf rolling), sunburnt leaf edges, dead or falling leaves, or little to no growth. These are all signs your plants are struggling and are in need of tree care services. 
  • Avoid Overcrowding: If your plants are too close in proximity, they could potentially begin competing for vital resources – particularly water. When planning your landscape, thinking about the future and accounting for the size of your trees in full maturity is crucial to their health. Otherwise, you may find that your once spaced-out saplings are now struggling and in a battle for precious resources.
  • Mulch:  Mulching is a highly effective strategy against drought.  Applying a 1 to 2-inch layer of mulch around your plants and trees is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also helps to cool the soil, prevent water loss, and act as a weed barrier. Visit our Request Wood Chips page to receive wood chips for mulching completely free!

While some of these tips might appear uncomplicated, they’re not easy jobs. The highly trained tree experts at Treemasters have over 3 decades of experience caring for our community in Marin County, and we’d be happy to expertly care for your property so you can enjoy a carefree summer. 

Your Partners In All Your Warm Weather Tree Care Needs

Nurturing your plants amidst the heatwaves and droughts that come along with California summers can pose a daunting task, particularly if your landscape is displaying signs of struggle. Fortunately, you needn’t shoulder the burden alone! With over 35 years of experience and expertise, no task is too great for our ISA Certified Arborists at Treemasters. 

For the health and beauty of your property throughout summer and drought season, give us a call today!

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