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Tree cabling by Treemasters in San Rafael and the Bay Area

Many people become attached to their favorite trees, often assigning sentimental value to them. But what do you do when that tree is damaged, leaning or struggling to support its weight?  Tree cabling and bracing is a perfect strategy for anyone who doesn’t want to cut down a beloved tree that’s becoming a risk to people and structures in the area.
If your tree is in imminent danger of falling, contact Treemasters immediately. Our dispatchers are available 24/7 to handle any tree emergency.

What is Tree Cabling and Bracing?

Tree cabling, also known as tree bracing, is a technique used to protect the structural integrity of your tree’s branches or trunk. While cabling cannot always save a damaged tree, it is often used in the short term to help a tree heal and recover from damage or as a long-term solution to stabilize a sentimental or important tree the owner does not want to prune or cut down.

When cabling a tree, Treemasters ISA certified arborist will first inspect the tree to determine first if the tree can be cabled or braced and then what kind of cabling will be needed. Next, they will use a system of braces and cables around the branches and trunk to support the tree. 

Sometimes, depending on the tree’s condition and the support needed the arborist may need to use support rods secured in the ground.

Tree Cabling FAQs

How long does cabling and bracing last?

Tree cabling may need to be adjusted, replaced, or repaired over time. Cabling can last up to 7 years and require annual inspections.

How often should the cables be inspected?

Cables should be inspected yearly as they may shift or need to be replaced due to damage over time. If your cables look like they need maintenance, contact Treemasters to schedule an inspection as soon as possible. 

Can tree cabling save my tree?

Cabling is used to brace tree limbs and trunks that have been damaged, giving trees support while they heal. Only a certified arborist can determine if cabling is the right choice for your tree or if removal is needed.

Will cabling fix a leaning tree?

Bracing and cabling are often used to support the structural integrity of your tree and its branches to avoid further leaning and breakage, allowing it to heal and become stronger. Your arborist will discuss the condition of your tree and whether cabling will help or is needed.

What’s the difference between tree cabling, tree bracing, and tree guying?

Tree cabling, tree bracing, and tree guying are all methods of providing support to trees.

  • Tree cabling: Cabling is often installed high up in the canopy to provide structural reinforcement. It’s often used for large trees that could split or fall during storms or heavy winds. Cabling can often be hidden with a tree’s foliage.
  • Tree bracing: Bracing is the best choice for trees with damaged or weak trunks or branches. It’s designed to be a direct support to help encourage growth or healing within the tree.
  • Tree guying: Guying is a common practice for newly planted trees. It involves the use of stakes or wires to help prevent young trees from leaning or getting uprooted during periods of wind or stormy weather. Guying is a temporary measure; once the trees’ roots have grown in, the guying is removed.

Treemasters Expert Cabling and Bracing Services

Tree cabling offers several benefits that improve the stability and longevity of your trees as well as the safety of your property. At Treemasters, we know your trees are important to you. Our ISA-certified arborists will work hard to create a plan to stabilize and brace your tree so it can stand tall for many years to come.
If your tree looks precarious and needs to be secured to prevent further tree or property damage, contact the certified tree experts at Treemasters today to learn about our cabling services.

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Tree Cabling in San Rafael and the North Bay Area

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