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Invasive Plant Management

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Invasive Plant management `

Stubborn and fast-growing invasive plants can disrupt your landscape’s health, but worry not – Treemasters is here to simplify invasive plant management. Our comprehensive approach encompasses identification, removal, and exclusion services, shielding your property from harmful species. Count on us for effective invasive plant control services.

Invasive Plant Challenges in Marin County

Identifying and removing common invasive plants quickly can help preserve the health of your landscape. Some common invasive plants in Marin County include:

  • French Broom (Genista monspessulana): Recognized for its vibrant yellow flowers and legume-like leaves, it grows in dense shrub formations.
  • Algerian Ivy (Hedera algeiensis): An aggressive climber with lobed, glossy leaves that are leathery in texture, it poses a threat to native plants. 
  • Iceplant (Carpobrotus edulis): Sporting spiky white flowers, this succulent competes aggressively with native flora.
  • Pampas Grass (Cortaderia selloana): With tall plume-like flower heads, this grass can spread rapidly and outcompete native species.

Invasive Plant Removal for Your Property

Suspect invasive plants on your property? Treemasters’s ISA-certified arborists are ready to identify species and design personalized elimination plans. Our arborists have over 35 years of experience to adeptly handle common invasive species in Marin County while safeguarding the health of native landscapes.

Invasive Plant FAQs

Invasive plants disrupt native plants, reducing biodiversity over time. Left unchecked, they can lead to numerous landscape and environmental issues:

  • Displacement of Native Plants: Invasive species lack natural predators or competition, growing uncontrollably and outcompeting native plants, leading to the decline of important local species.
  • Impact on Pollinators and Wildlife: Native plants support local ecosystems by providing vital nutrients, shelter, and resources for the local fauna. Invasive species disrupt this balance, affecting wildlife and local environment.
  • Soil Degradation and Water Flow Alteration: Invasive plants change nutrient cycles and soil structure with their root systems. As a result, they can lead to disruption of water and nutrient movement, increased runoff, and erosion, which prevents local species from thriving.

Invasive species grow and reproduce rapidly due to the absence of natural predators or competition in new environments. They may also resist common pests or diseases, leading to faster population growth compared to native plants.

Professional invasive plant control is the best way to prevent the spread of these plants. But there are steps you can take to protect your property:

  • Clean outdoor gear: Thoroughly clean gear after outdoor activities.
  • Boot brush stations: Use boot brush stations to remove seeds after hiking.
  • Pet care: Brush pets’ paws after outdoor adventures.
  • Native plants: Select to plant native species in your landscape.
  • Learn and remove: Identify and remove invasive species in your yard.
  • Mulch: Apply mulch to prevent seed spread.

Eliminating invasive species without harming native plants can be challenging. Treemasters recommends seeking professional assistance for an environmentally conscious plan. You can also hand-pull invasive plants to assist control efforts.

If you have the time, reporting invasive plant sightings can be incredibly helpful to larger elimination efforts. Experts and volunteers use sighting information to create a plan of attack against non-native species. Want to report an invasive plant sighting in Marin County? Visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s site and fill out this form.

Professional Invasive Plant Control Services

If these plants are left unchecked, invasive species wreak havoc on the local landscapes and ecosystems. Let Treemasters take the lead. With extensive local experience, our knowledgeable team employs best practices to eliminate invasive species, nurturing native plants’ health and longevity. We serve properties of all sizes, from households to municipalities. 

If invasive plants surface, call us for expert assistance.

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