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Common Tree Root Problems

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Common Tree Root problem services by Treemasters in San Rafael and the Bay Area

Trees are only as healthy as their root system. Mostly hidden from view, tree roots are an intricate network that serves as the lifeline for trees, facilitating water and nutrient absorption. However, various root-related issues can jeopardize not only the roots but also the overall health of the connected trees.

The following are common tree root problems in Marin County and how Treemasters‘s arborists can provide effective solutions.

What Do Healthy Root Collars Look Like?

A properly planted tree should look like a kid’s drawing of a tree. There should be a flare at the bottom of the trunk that goes out into the roots. If there is no root collar, the tree looks like it is going straight into the ground.

Detecting root collar problems might seem challenging if root visibility is limited. There is the possibility the tree has girdling roots, which is where the root wraps itself around the trunk and squeezes it tightly.

What are the Signs of Root Collar Disorders?

There are a number of signs to look for that can indicate there is a root collar problem. Recognizing these early indicators is crucial for preserving your tree’s health. Early intervention can prevent worsening issues. 

Look for these signals of root collar problems:

  • Yellowing foliage
  • Premature leaf color change and shedding
  • Dieback in the upper canopy

How Does Root Collar Remediation Work?

Root collars should be visibly flared, not buried. If hidden, the tree could be suffocating, leading to impaired sap circulation and susceptibility to wood-boring insects. Addressing these concerns requires professional root collar treatment from experts like Treemasters, can ensure the well-being of your woodland.

Root collar treatment involves a thorough inspection by a skilled arborist. Examining the roots and surrounding soil enables us to recommend appropriate remedies.

For compacted soil, our team employs services like air spading to aerate the soil, creating vital space for roots without harm. Additionally, vertical mulching enhances tree health without causing damage.

Root Collar Care with Treemasters

Addressing common tree root problems can save the tree’s health if action is taken quickly. The seasoned arborists at Treemasters boast over 35 years of experience in tree care and maintenance. Count on our expertise to preserve your trees while maintaining the landscape’s harmony.
From roots to canopy, we offer comprehensive services to ensure your property remains vibrant and thriving. Contact us today to learn more.

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Common Tree Root Problems in San Rafael and the North Bay Area

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