TREEMASTERS is committed to preserving the environment and doing everything we can in our day-to-day business practices to ensure we leave as little an impact on the Earth as possible. Our commitment began in 1999 when we began fueling all of our work vehicles and equipment with Bio-Diesel. In 2008, we converted our entire building to 100% solar power, and we recycle all our recyclable office and warehouse waste.


Marin Solar, a local partner in the effort to preserve the environment and another 2007 Pacific Sun Reader’s Poll Best Of Marin recipient, installed and maintains our building’s solar facilities.


Our maintenance and repair shop is an integral part of our dedication to helping preserve the environment. At the end of each work day, our highly trained mechanics clean and service each piece of equipment for use the following morning. The regular servicing of our equipment helps us reduce the amount of resources we consume and the amount of contaminants we release into the environment. A properly serviced wood chipper or chainsaw, for example, will work more efficiently, consuming less fuel and oil and releasing less exhaust into the air.

Recently, TREEMASTERS was recognized as a CERTIFIED Green Business by the Bay Area Green Business Program, the first tree care company in the Bay Area to receive this recognition. For TREEMASTERS, this is not just a hollow business tactic, but recognition of a proud dedication to preserving the environment for future generations through ecologically sound business practices.


Over the last few years, many biodegradable lubricants have been put on the market for construction and automotive uses as alternatives to petroleum-based products. Although typically more expensive than traditional petroleum-based lubricants, TREEMASTERS believes the benefits of these products outweigh the costs. For example, our chainsaws working over the course of a day on one tree removal project can use up to one gallon of oil to lubricate the bar and chain mechanism. Because the oil is continuously expelled off of the cutting chain, this basically amounts to someone spraying a gallon of oil around your property.

TREEMASTERS uses only Motion Lotion Biodegradable Bar & Chain Oil in all of our chainsaws, which is essentially industrial-grade cooking oil; a product that is virtually harmless to plants and animals on your property. For all of our small 2-cycle engine equipment, including our chainsaws, we use Stihl HP Ultra 2-Cycle Engine Oil, which will biodegrade in a matter of days. For more information on biodegradable lubricants and other eco-friendly products available on the market, visit our Resources page.


TREEMASTERS is always looking to reduce our carbon footprint for a cleaner environment. We currently use a petroleum-free diesel called NEXDIESEL, which is 100% renewable and sustainable. Compared to traditional fossil fuel, NEXDIESEL reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 40-90% during the product’s entire life cycle. Nexgenfuel’s distributor, Golden Gate Petroleum (who we use), was the first fuel company in the world to sell renewable diesel directly to the consumer.