The first step in providing the proper care for your trees is assessing the specific needs of each of your individual trees and shrubs. Each tree may require its own unique treatment, much like individual people require specific care for their unique health needs. We will make assessments for Pruning and Removal needs, Cabling and Bracing, Root and Soil Analysis, Soil Nutrient Management, and Pest and Disease Control.

In order to provide you with the best possible service, one of our Arborists will inspect the trees on your property and assist you in determining the best course of action for each individual tree. With decades of tree care experience between them, our arborists understand the unique requirements of trees in Northern California and the many conditions that may affect the trees on your property. Your Arborist can walk your property with you to discuss the needs of your trees and how to keep them healthy, strong and beautiful.

For a more in-depth assessment on your trees’ stability, TREEMASTERS offers a service by a Certified Arborist and the latest tools of the trade to assess the health of our trees and the soil they are rooted in. We use a machine called a Resistograph to inspect your trees for pockets of internal rot or decay. The Resistograph works by drilling a small hole through the trunk of the tree while simultaneously measuring the amount of resistance the drill receives while traveling through the internal heartwood. When the drill encounters a pocket of decay, it measures little or no resistance, letting the operator know where and how large the internal defect is.

The resistance is registered on a graphical printout from the top of the machine, and will send the information wirelessly to a laptop computer for analysis. Your arborist will then use this information to help determine the overall health of the tree.

To check the health of your soil, your arborist may use a portable pH meter, a tool used to measure the relative acidity or alkalinity of your soil, in several places around your property. Once we have analyzed your soil’s pH, we may recommend a more thorough soil analysis or other soil management option.

For more information and cost on resistograph or soil analysis readings, please contact our office or click here to send us a message.

With the information gathered by your arborist from the assessment of the tree(s) on your property, they will provide you with a detailed written estimate for the work you have requested, along with digital photographs of the tree(s) being examined.