We were alerted at 7 o’clock in the evening by the Belvedere police department that a large tree had fallen onto a home. The fire department had evacuated that home as well as the neighboring home that was threatened. We mobilized on site with our bucket truck and crane truck and dismantled the tree throughout the night as the tree was rolling and causing further damage to the home. The last picture in the daylight was early morning once we had taken away all the sections of trees that were causing damage to the home by pressuring the trunk to roll.

This is what our client had to say about our work:
“I wanted to thank you for a superlative job on securing and removing the massive oak that went down on the front of our home Tuesday night during the rainstorm. Your ability and willingness to respond to the emergency with a quality crew of workers speaks volumes about your company, TREEMASTERS. We are thrilled that it all went quickly and we were able to get back into the house in just two days. Kudos to the crew and the professional company you have built. We are fortunate to have your service available here in Marin County.”

Terri D.