TREEMASTERS provides free delivery of Tree Service Wood Chips (TSWC) to Marin County residents and businesses as a way to recycle the debris we generate and provide a benefit to our valued clients.

Let’s start with what “Tree Service Wood Chips” (TSWC) are. They are branches, logs and debris from tree trimming and removal operations processed through a towable wood/brush chipper. They contain chipped leaves, twigs and wood material. TSWC can be seen throughout Marin County on the shoulders of many highways and roadways. When first delivered some clients are concerned about high leaf and twig content. Loads are generally 15-25% of this type of material. However, when in a pile, it a can appear to have a higher concentration of leaves and twigs. Once spread and exposed to sunlight and the elements the leaves and twigs tend to break down to yield a finished product complimentary to most any landscape though not recommended for commercial playgrounds. TREEMASTERS uses Vermeer brand chippers and and we maintain our chippers on a weekly basis to yield a good quality TSWC material.

Tree Service Wood Chips provide wonderful ground cover and make great organic compost. Wood chips can be used to prevent run off, control dust, and help bare soil retain its moisture. Chips can be used in gardens and flower beds, residential landscapes, commercial landscapes, horse pastures and open spaces.

In an effort to minimize fuel consumption and travel time, we schedule wood chips deliveries when our crews are in your area. We will make every effort to arrange delivery the day before, but may contact you at any time as needs arise.

If you would like to be added to our free TSWC delivery program, please fill out the form below with your contact information and where you would like us to deliver the chips. A digital image of the area you would like chips dropped on your property would be very helpful, but is not required.

Wood chips are delivered by the full truck load only, approximately 20 – 25 cubic yards which covers an area about 50ft. x 50ft. x 4-5 inches deep. We cannot accommodate partial loads. Before requesting a delivery, please make sure you are able to accept 20 – 25 cubic yards of material.

IMPORTANT: Any undesirable material can be disposed of in your green waste can. If the load is more material than you need or desire there are several solutions.

  • Put a sign on the load that says “FREE”. Generally they are gone within days.
  • Advertise your available chips locally or on the internet.
  • TREEMASTERS will provide a TSWC trailer for YOU to load and we will haul away the unwanted TSWC free of charge. TREEMASTERS will not load the TSWC in the chip trailer for free.

Thank you for your interest in our free wood chip delivery service and keeping Marin County green.

Woodchips with Steel Tape
Woodchips near the Road