Once a tree or shrub is pruned or removed, TREEMASTERS will chip the removed limbs or tree in order to make the disposal of the material safer and more efficient. TREEMASTERS will then haul all of the material away, leaving your property clean and clear of debris. At your request, TREEMASTERS will leave the chipped material for use as ground cover or weed prevention, or leave larger limbs and tree trunks un-chipped for use as firewood. We partner with local property owners and businesses who accept loads of free wood chips helping us recycle 100% of our wood debris.

TREEMASTERS uses high-quality, large capacity wood chipping equipment manufactured by Vermeer Inc.

To schedule an appointment, please call our office or Request A Free Tree Care Estimate.


Q: What Is The Benefit Of Chipping The Material Being Removed From My Property?

A: Chipping allows TREEMASTERS to dispose of all of the debris removed from your property at once in small, manageable pieces that will be hauled away when we leave. As an alternative, TREEMASTERS can leave the chipped mulch of healthy trees on your property for use as ground cover, weed suppression, or organic compost.

Q: What Is The Largest Diameter Of Tree That Can Be Chipped?

A: Our largest high-powered wood chippers can accept trees up to 20 inches in diameter.

Q: Are There Benefits To Keeping The Wood Chips?

A: Wood chips can provide a number of natural benefits to your property. As long as the wood being chipped is healthy and disease free, wood chips can be used for ground cover, erosion control, weed suppression, and natural organic compost. To request your free wood chips, visit our Request Wood Chips page.

Q: How Does TREEMASTERS Dispose Of The Chipped Material?

A: TREEMASTERS partners with municipalities, businesses, and large property owners who need wood chips for a variety of uses. As part of our commitment to the environment, TREEMASTERS recycles 100% of our wood chips.